I had this returning client in my chair today and I said the sometimes open ended question… “How are you?”

Her response to me (in a raspy, 85 year old smoker’s voice from Queens) was:
“Well, honey… you’re never gonna believe this.  I am in a lot of pain and moving really slow because I’m still recovering from a complete hysterectomy.  And what’s even more unfrigginbelievable is that a friggin robot did my surgery through my damn bellybutton.”  I will save you from the details she proceeded to tell me all about.  I will, in fact, be researching how to erase those said details from my memory (‘Eternal Sunshine of a Spotless Mind’ style).

Are you kidding me?  Ok, its one thing that they are doing a shit ton of surgeries now through your (what used to be) tiny ass bellybutton, that’s great.  But you’re telling me that they are sticking a robot arm inside of your bellybutton and digging your organs out with it by use of a friggin joystick in the adjoining room??!!!! 

Do we all live in the matrix?


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