I don't even know...

This link was posted on the Reader's Rant page by my super awesome best friend.  She knows I don't get in to politics and all that jazz.  Just a little disclaimer before I begin...I don't give a shit what you believe in or who you vote for or any of that other junk.  I am just really glad she posted this link because the birth control issue has me interested.    

Let's start with the average co-pay for birth control being $14.  Must be nice to have insurance.  I was uninsured for over 3 years before today.  I was finally eligible to enroll in the medical insurance that my job offers.  While uninsured, my birth control was damn near $90.  Hopefully that will go down now that I have insurance.  Sandy Rios needs to holla at me and let me know what generic birth control is only $9!!! 

The next thing that caught my ear was...comparing abuse counseling with manicures and pedicures.  Really?!  Yeah.  She said that.  Do I need to even say anymore about it?  F*ck you, lady.  

Putting your daughter on birth control doesn't mean you are giving her permission to go out and slut it up.  Maybe she suffers from ovarian cysts.  Maybe she has painful periods.  I've been told by every doctor I have ever had that birth control regulates that awful shit.  

"You present science and facts just to present your viewpoint."  Uhm....well, I think we all learned that in elementary school while doing science projects.  That's what you do when you are trying to get your point across.  You present FACTS to back your shit up.  

And another thing....whoever has birth control laying around collecting dust, send that shit my way! 



  1. Tri sprintec- $9 a month! ;)

  2. sandy rios needs to drink bleach and die.