About The Authors

We are friends, co-workers and well... we are just awesome.  Both of us born, raised and still living in Central Florida.

Our purpose here will become clear to you soon.  We are just trying make a genuine contribution to society by teaching lamos of all ages how to start being awesome again.  Lurk around, find out for yourself...  Hopefully you will learn something, and then we will have done our good deed for the day!  Woo!

The point is, you're getting perspective from two different talented, smart bitches.  One newly single, one married with two kids; both obviously amazing hair stylists.  We are blunt, we are honest, we are crude and we are pretty #@(^!?$ hilarious!

Enjoy!  Thanks for reading.  All feedback and comments are welcomed and appreciated.  Make sure you follow and share us!!  What's the worst thing that could happen?  We could possibly live in a world full of awesome people?  Lamos will become obsolete?  Win Win!

That's Right!!
~Kelly and Katie~


  1. ~~~The skank blog,lmao!

    >The shark blog, well...I'm not a "fraidy" cat, and I assume you two are not interested in the movie thats out.. Soul Surfing. I've grown up and enjoy the beach, it is very relaxing. AND I do watch shark week. Hell, we are all going to die some how! And life isn't any fun without taking risks...just sayin'<

  2. I meant to say I've grown up enjoying the beach.

    Obviously I'm not anonymous. It was the only way I could post a comment, w/o opening a google account.

  3. thanks for reading, lisa! have fun enjoying the beach with those sibling eating, bone crunching sharks!

  4. Lisa, once a shark turns one or all of your limbs into nubs, we can no longer be friends. Just remember that.