back to school

I just want to start out this post with a semi-sincere apology for the gap in between posts.  It's back to school time and we have been too busy at work to come home and use the muscles in our fingers.

School starts tomorrow around these parts...  it really brings out the procrastinators, that's for sure.  You would think that parents would want to get all of the preparations for school at least a week or two in advance.  They don't.  You would think that parents get all of the school shopping done way in advance.  They don't.  You would think that parents got their kids haircut done earlier than the day before school starts.  They definitely don't.

Kids going back to school means new clothes, new shoes, school supplies and a haircut to most people.  It seems like everybody waits until the last minute to remember that their kid is going back to school.  I admit, I am totally slacking on getting my kid's school supplies for his very first ever day of school.  What can I say… I'm a busy working mom.

Why are my tips shitty during back to school time?  Why are my service sales lower during back to school time?  Why are my nerves shot during back to school week?  Why don't you, as a parent, understand that I am having to deal with not only your little turd, but also you?  There may even be a significant other that I have to deal with as well.  Children's haircuts should cost twice as much as an adult cut.  YOU should tip twice as much as you do when I cut your hair...  Merely for making me and other stylists stress the #@(^ out.  Tell me how you/the kid wants the haircut, get out of my way, come back to approve or disapprove, pay and leave.  By you staying the #@(^ out of my way, you are easing my stress.  By you checking to approve or disapprove, I won’t have to cut your brat’s hair 5 times.  Win win.

More importantly, don't bring your lice ridden turd in to get a haircut hoping the stylist will not see!!!!  Are you #@(^!?$ kidding me?!  Bullshit!  I cannot tell you how many liced up children have been brought to me just for me to have to diagnose that shit!  You damn well know your #@(^!?$ kid has lice!!!!!!!  You probably tried to dye it, or chop at it already.  It is against State Board Regulations for me or any stylist to do hair with lice all up in it.  Take that shit home, treat it and everything in your house and after they are completely gone, then feel free to return.

* Gross.  Do something about that shit.  Don't keep spreading it! *


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  1. Amen sista! From one stylist to the other....LT