Bad Ass Kids

It’s usually pretty easy to spot them.  Sometimes, you may even want to run away screaming when they open their mouths…

Bad ass little kids seems to be an epidemic lately.  You see all of these little bratty ass turds who are running their parents.  They are the boss.  They are the deciding factor on everything in their household.  You, as a parent (or caregiver) is letting them behave that way. 

I see kids running amok everywhere; stores, restaurants, etc.  The worst part about it is, I do NOT see their parent(s) making even the slightest attempt to control their child(ren).  They are just letting them scream and throw alfredo noodles in another Olive Garden customer’s hair.  Seriously though… your kid throws shit at me and I’m gonna beat  YOUR ass…

To spank or not to spank…  SPANK THEM!  You don’t have to beat the shit out of your precious little angel, but a nice firm pop to the heiny or hand and they should (hopefully) see that you mean business.  However, I do not believe in this kind of discipline in public.  Take that kind of punishment to the bathroom if you have to.  If you discipline your child in your own home, all it should take is a threat outside of the house.

I think some people are too afraid of DCF / CPS.  Every parent should fear the potential removal of your child from your home, of course.  But don’t be so afraid someone is gonna swoop in and take your kid away that you fear to say “NO”!

You are the parent, you make the rules.  Control your little turds, people.  Don’t let them control you.



  1. Oh I will smack their little asses in public. If it's bad enough they go to the bathroom. They know it's on when that happens! These bad ass little shits know their parents aren't gonna do anything so they act however they want. Then I get to baby sit them in prison when they are grown! It's pretty sad when my kids see kids acting like that and say "they need to be sPanked"! Lol

  2. I agree, I've seen parents just sit there and say..."Johnny, don't do that"..while Johnny does what he wants! It's even more irratating, when your at work and lil' Johnny is disrupting the place. I'm a stylist and I tell little Johnny that Mommy isn't strapped to the chair, and Mommy sits there passivly. Then I have to stop what I'm doing and think of a way to assertively correct someone else's child, without insulting them. (only because I'm at work of course). PUH-Lease! Sad to say, but it's only going to get worse!