bacon, how i love thee

If you don’t love bacon, there is something very wrong with you (Laura!!).  You need a psychological evaluation ASAP.  Why would you not love bacon?  What’d bacon ever to do you but be super tasty and amazing and succulent and delicious?  

I eat bacon everyday.  No lie.  It’s turkey bacon but, it’s still bacon.  I figured if I was gonna eat bacon everyday of my life, maybe I should try a healthier version.  If I could live in a house of bacon and then eventually eat my way out of it, I would.  All my furniture would be made of bacon, too.  I would eat bacon for dinner.  Bacon, with mashed bacon on the side, drizzled in bacon gravy.  Then for dessert, I would have bacon chocolate.  That’s a real thing and it’s 

A few months back, Denny’s had some promotion going on called ‘Baconalia: A Celebration of Bacon’.  They had bacon flapjacks, bacon meatloaf, maple bacon sundaes...among other things packed full of bacon-y, artery clogging goodness.  That only lasted for a limited time.  Big mistake, Denny’s.  Bacon should be celebrated every day of every month of every year.  However, even though it was for a limited time only, it was still a kind gesture and because of that, I thank you.  I feel like I should name my firstborn ‘Denny’.  No?


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