flash mob dancing

What exactly is ‘flash mob dancing’?  Is this actually something that people enjoy doing and get paid to do?  Is there an organization that sets this type of thing up for free?  Do they assume everyone loves to see a bunch of out of shape randoms on the street stop short in the middle of the road and just start bustin a move??  I just always assumed it was a bunch of out of work ‘dancers’ who were trying to get recognized.  Who actually sets this shit up? 

WTF would you do if you were just chillin, having some lunch and all of the sudden everyone stood up from their tables around you and started frolicking around?  What if their sole purpose was to dance specifically FOR YOU?  My first reaction would be to get the #@(^ up out of there… wherever you are that this horrendous scenario happens.  Now if they were all up in my business and invading my personal space because some idiot commissioned these crazies to perform this monstrosity... well, I’d still get the #@(^ up out of there; as well as said ‘idiot’ would be dead to me from that point on.

You may be one of the 10 people in the world who think flash mob dancing is spectacular.  If you are, oh well.  I will say that it is kind of a little bit barely entertaining on tv.  If you are unaware, this is unbelievable and unacceptable in real life.

However, I do have to say, the phone commercial with the one dude who gets his text late and starts dancing all by himself is pretty hilarious though.  I believe that if this does, indeed become a trend… many a flash mob dancer will end up getting punched in their prancing throat.



  1. I'm one of the ten that think it's random and yes, weird, but I'm weird, so in saying that, I wouldn't have a problem with it. And I dare someone to think they would get away with punching me in the throat. I like to be the one in 10 in the world to like something, I go against the flo...and enjoy every damn minute of it! So, if I'm one of the people that is enjoying life, and being creative doing it, I'll be sure that your not in the building, if so, well,...I guess I would be dead to you. LT

  2. its alright if you like weird flash mob dancing. its even ok if you like to participate in the flash mob dancing. i won't actually punch you in the throat or write you off unless you hire these types of people to frolick around me. then... if that happens, throat chop and dead to me.
    hahaha! ;-)

  3. hmmm...hiring flash mob dancers? Could you imagine, flash mob dancing and getting paid? I would definetly do it then. I was under the impression people did it randomly and that it isn't something people do for mulah. I dunno.