bringing up skanks

Does your daughter act inappropriate for her age?  Did your daughter start acting like a complete selfish, self-absorbed bitch before she even hit puberty?   Does your daughter leave the house resembling the actress in the porn you just watched with your significant other?  Does your daughter own dolls that look like prostitutes (booty shorts and camel toes included)?  If you answered yes to one or more of these questions, be prepared to be a grandparent before you can even get a senior discount...  because YOUR daughter is, indeed, a skank.

Did you always want a little girl?  Someone you could dress up in little dresses, shoes with bows, cute little pink things… blah, blah, blah.  Completely understandable.  However, when you go shopping and buy her inappropriate items of clothing and shoes that make her look like a miniature version of the prostitutes downtown, your fault.

So now you have your little girl, and eventually she is going to want a baby doll.  By now, she is already such a brat (because of those whore-ish shoes and all of those Bratz dolls), that she had a meltdown insisting on bringing home a ‘Baby Alive’.  Of course you gave in and purchased this creepy little doll just to shut your whiney little turd up.  Little do you know, this baby doll will impact her future in a way you never expected. 

These ‘Baby Alive’ dolls even come standard with features for different milestones real babies reach… eating, pooping, illness, first tooth, bathtime, etc.  Parents who give in to these dolls are actually influencing our little girls how to be good teen moms. 

So, then we move on to teaching our little girls how to be introduced into the workforce.  Teen moms need jobs, too... right?!  Buy her this toy and she won’t even need training at the local fast food joint.  Maybe she can even be hired on as a manager!!


After your daughter gets a little older and toys are obsolete, reading is encouraged.  Society throws sex, drugs & ‘paranormal romance’ (vampires, werewolves & other ridiculous creatures) into our children’s faces.  Society also glamorizes girls being catty bitches so much that they assume it is the ‘norm’.  If you’re not one of the ‘mean girls’, you’re not popular.  So, you still want your kid to read?

No matter what influences in society your sweet little girl is impacted by, it is still your responsibility to teach her the right path.  If you don’t want your daughter to look or act like a skank, pay more attention to her behavior, take the appropriate actions when necessary.  If it is your daughter’s lifelong dream to become a skank when she grows up, let her decide that shit on her own. Don’t assist her by taking her school shopping at Frederick’s of Hollywood, Flirt or Fairvilla… and don’t let her read those shitty books or play with junior blow up dolls either.

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