Closing Time

Are you sure you really want to do that?  Are you sure you really want to go into any establishment minutes, maybe even seconds, before they close?  Really?

Now, it really doesn’t matter what type of business you go into… whether it’s a hair or nail salon, spa, restaurant, any kind of store or office, or really just anywhere.  People don’t want you coming in right before they go home.  That is just plain rude.  If you are one of those latecomers, you are rude!  As I write this and refer to closing time, I am also referring to ending shift time too.  Don’t go in right when it’s time for the employee to finally end their day. 

These employees have probably been working their asses off for the last 8 hours.  They have probably already cleaned up and are ready to go home.  Only 10 more minutes!  Yes!  They’ve probably already counted down the register and are ready to close the drawer.  Then… here comes you, the closing time douchebag.  They want to punch you in your throat as you are entering through the front door!!! 

I am just going to be specific here and relate directly to me and my experiences:
If you can’t come in enough time for me to cut your hair, don’t come.  Don’t show up at 4:55 and say “Hey, I know you’re leaving at 5, but can you give me a haircut?  It’s just a quick trim.”  First of all, there is no quick trim.  For all of you who do not understand this… a trim is exactly the same as a haircut!  Wow, who’d of thought?!  What if I’m busy?  Are you really gonna stick around and make me even later to go home? 
We usually close the salon at 9pm, so cleaning commences roughly around 8:30pm if allowed.  After a long, busy, wish you had roller skates kind of day; you are so ready to go just leave!  However, we are a walk-in and appointment salon, so we are required to take color until 7 and haircuts until 9!  When someone walks up to that door anytime after 8:45… I, as well as any other staff, am cursing your existence!  I am so ready to get off of my tired ass feet, and I just want to go home.  Then here comes you, closing time douchebag. 

Really?  Why would you really want to do that?  Are you completely unaware of other people’s lives?  It should just be standard regulation, maybe even a law.  ~No customer, client or consumer is permitted to go into any place of business within 20 minutes of closing.  If said customer disobey this rule because of any reason they will be fined an extra $25.  No matter what service, food or other purchased item they insisted on receiving right before closing time.~

Think about it, people… Right before closing:
Restaurants have either cold food or hot food with spit in it.  Bars have bottom of the barrel beer and liquor with cigarette butts in the bottle.  Stylists have neck stabbing plans for you if you are the least bit douchey.  Anywhere you go at closing time, you have staff that just want to go home.  Don’t be the closing time douchebag.  Be respectful people.  Unless, of course, you like eating old spitty food, drinking warm smoky drinks, having your neck sliced and a jacked up haircut.  If that’s the case, do whatever the #@(^ you want.


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